Who We Are

firstClass, inc. was organized in the mid-seventies – a time when many minority-owned agencies were rapidly surfacing all around the community. Unfortunately, as quickly as some of these agencies opened their doors, many of them vanished. firstClass, inc. however, has maintained its presence in the Atlanta business community since its inception more than 39 years ago and has now serviced hundreds of clients, locally and around the globe.

Through its progressive and highly-skilled leadership, the agency has built a reputation of professional excellence and positive results for its clients over the years. firstClass, inc. remains a recognized leader among public relations companies in one of the nation’s top ten media markets.

Staffed by a small team of experts in the field of media and communications, firstClass, inc. consistently delivers superior quality work, marked attention to detail, and personalized customer service that clients look for from a boutique agency that prides itself on developing a winning strategy tailored to address their bottom line.

Led by founder and President Bunnie Jackson-Ransom, the reputation of this agency precedes it because they deliver expected results – and then some.


In 1975, Anne Allison, Linda Gulley and Bunnie Jackson-Ransom were great friends – housewives who were raising their children and meeting at the YMCA while watching their sons and daughters learn to swim. During some of these sessions, the conversation turned to starting a business. It was also during this time that a touring agency called “Tour Gals” was running city tours, and one of these tours was an African-American neighborhood tour of Southwest Atlanta. “We adapted this idea to fit our goals and we started a touring company knowing we could show our neighborhood better than anyone else because we lived here,” says Bunnie Jackson-Ransom, the current president and CEO of firstClass, inc. “We approached Billye Aaron to join us; each of us put in $500 and we were off and running.”

Through the years, the company has evolved from planning and executing neighborhood tours, to convention and event planning. When three of the partners of the company, Allison, Gulley and Aaron, moved on to other ventures, Jackson-Ransom reorganized firstClass, inc. around her knowledge and experience – public relations and marketing. firstClass, inc. was the first African American/female-owned, fully staffed public relations agency in Atlanta.